Vorsetrade, LLC
"Where Trading Makes Change"


Vorsetrade is an intra-entity or "closed system" barter exchange to trade new and “gently used” items.

A cashless based point system or “virtual currency” allows local units to trade in surplus items and then use its earned points to buy needed items from either other local units or the central entity.

The primary focus is standardized, high volume, high value, subject to limited “wear and tear” products that are a large part of future budget purchases.

The system targets surplus items that are stored at local units and provides actionable information in order to reduce future purchases.

There are several unique advantages features including:

Effectively reallocates assets which leads to increased usable resources for the local units and cash savings for the combined entity.

The trading focuses on high volume standardized items.  Therefore, most product information is already uploaded to the site requiring minimal effort by the seller.

The specific structure of this barter exchange guarantees that any product offered for sale will be purchased by the parent entity.  Therefore, sellers are highly motivated to offer items for sale.

The exchange enables schools to acquire significant resources while preserving their scarce cash.

The program promotes the use of Facebook and other social networking tools to unite district administrators, principals, teachers, students and parents to work together and improve the quality of education.

Recaptures excess assets earlier in its product life before they become obsolete.

Not time consuming, easy to use system based on existing technology that is familiar to most people.

Participation in the program is optional and gradually can be introduced with a “no lose” initial rollout.

Gives local units an incentive to manage and maximize its assets and a greater sense of power and control over its budget. 

Please watch this short tutorial: Vorsetrade Tutorial. 

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