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About two years ago, I started to investigate the issues that confront our public school system.  What became very apparent is that schools across the nation are experiencing severe financial austerity which creates significant adverse consequences for our children.  Since this situation is unlikely to improve in the near future, it is imperative that schools create systems and tools to more efficiently use their limited money and resources.

I am excited to share with you that on March 8, 2012, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the country, launched Up-Trade its new barter exchange based on a proprietary, patent pending program I developed specifically for LAUSD to reallocate surplus assets.  Please watch the Up-Trade Tutorial 
and televised LAUSD Board Meeting 
announcing the program.

In addition, initial promising discussions are underway with several entities, including a large Southern California county comprising more than 25 school districts overseeing approximately 500 schools, and one of the largest school districts in Northern California. 

Schools, municipalities and other government entities currently have few tools or incentives to reallocate their excess assets to another entity within the same organization.  For example, "School A” has extra math books but needs more English books, while "School B” has extra English books but needs more math books.  This is a common issue at many levels of government and the public sector.

The solution is to create a highly effective, easy to use program, which incentivizes schools to part with excess assets in return for filling current or future needs.  As a result, both School A and B get the books they need. This partnership among schools and district offices will have a significant positive impact on budgets and resources and most importantly, our children.  The program is applicable to not only schools, but also other governmental entities (municipalities, defense department entities, etc.) that share these same issues. 

I am very excited about this program and its potential to make a significant difference in our kids.   I hope after learning about Vorsetrade you will share this vision and contact us with your ideas and contacts of organizations that will benefit from this program.

Scot K. Vorse
President and Founder

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